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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Rioting Spreads to Nine Suburbs

(I left the subject off the last email, which I hope is why the last posting doesn't have a heading. This email has the subject, "Rioting Spreads to Nine Suburbs"--we'll see if it comes through. I've tried once already to insert a picture into the email and have it come out in the posting. Blogger rejected that attempt. My hope is that I can make this blog less labor-intensive when I'm in Morocco next year, where connections are slow and time in Internet cafes expensive.)

The riots have now spread to nine suburbs of Paris. See CNN.com.

In his day job, hawgblawg has written about youth culture in France. See his article on Franco-Maghribi identity and popular music, co-authored with Joan Gross and David McMurray: "Arab Noise and Ramadan Nights: Rai, Rap and Franco-Maghrebi Identity." DIASPORA 3(1): 3- 39, 1994.


At 12:29 PM, Blogger John Schaefer said...

OK, I played a bit with it after publishing. I removed my sig tag at the end, so you yahoos won't have my professional email and phone number. I also had to manually link the URL in the posting--it published without recognizing the link. But the subject line did convert very nice into a heading, so that's a definite advantage of publishing through email.

I'm also not having the problem of junk comments after enabling the letter-recognition test!


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