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Friday, June 09, 2006

Speculative Fits of Giddiness

Ghanaweb's story on the beginning of the World Cup bears reading. Among the prognostications:

Brazil--this is the choice of most experts and the safest bet any year
Czech Republic--apparently a computer found the Czechs to be most likely
Argentina--a priest in Buenos Aires had a vision in blue
England--an Irishman believed this so strongly he put up a £5000 bet on the Lions
Germany--a German astrologer has come to this conclusion
Togo--a 'jujuman' sees the second round for Togo (not very hopeful, is he?)
Trinidad and Tobago--a Rastafarian has predicted T&T to take home the trophy

Finally, my favorite prediction:

"The strangest of all the prediction was from a man in Lagos. When asked for his predication he said 'This is the year for Naija (Nigeria)'. On being reminded, Nigeria did not qualify, he shouted back '...and so what?'"

For Eagles fans, hope springs eternal...


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