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Sunday, November 06, 2005

Dog-Headed Saints and Sufi Cats

Thanks to Farther Along I know a ton more about dog-headed saints now than I did before. I don't want to get into the relative value of Muslim cats versus Christian dogs, a la Meet the Parents, in which Robert De Niro questions the self-assuredness of dog-lovers:

"The dog is an emotionally shallow animal. See, Greg, if you yell at a dog, his ears will go down and his tail will cover his genitals even if he's done nothing wrong. It's very easy to break a dog. But cats make you work for their affection. Cats don't sell out like dogs do."

I do want to say that I have loved both cats and dogs. I have respect for dogs and cats both. However, cats in Islam are particularly important, with many stories of great cats of the faith.


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