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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Enough with the Citgo Already!

I know, but Citgo's in the news again, especially as the winter comes on strong. (NE Ohio's December temps are the coldest for the past five years.) I'm referring to the program of the wholly owned subsidiary of the Venezuelan state oil company that provides heating fuel to poor communities in the United States.

So even though a USA Today editorial notes that Chavez might be tweaking the tail of President Bush with his full-page ads,

"what's really embarrassing is how little help Americans will receive this winter from their own government. The federal Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program has helped the poor and elderly pay their heating bills since 1982. That first year, the program was funded with $1.9 billion and served more than 7 million households.

"This year, the program's final allocation was $1.9 billion in block grants and $298 million for the emergency funds. In other words, the program's block grant is almost the same today as it was 23 years ago. And because of inflation, that 1982 funding level would equal more than $3 billion in today's dollars."

In other words, although the Venezuelan government might be motivated by politics, the needs are real among poor communities, and Citgo's program to provide heating fuel for these communities has real potential tohelp them.

To find a Citgo station near you, click here.


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