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Sunday, October 01, 2006

My New Favorite French Word:

Fatweyer (verb; "to issue a fatwa")

Context? Hassan Hamdani's latest Humeur column in Tel Quel ("A fatwa set in concrete"), about Egyptian televangelist Youssef Al Qaradawi's latest proclamation that it's OK for Muslims to go into interest-bearing debt in order to procure housing.

"Mais Youssef Al Qaradawi a été rappelé à l'ordre par l'Iftaa, réunion d'oulémas marocains, seule habilitée à fatweyer de Tanger à Lagouira."

"But Youssef Al Qaradawi has been called to order by Iftaa, the Moroccan Ulema Council, which has sole authority to [issue fatwas] between Tangier and Lagouira" (extreme northern and southern towns in Morocco).

(Of course, this is "World French" and thus completely free from would-be "gatekeepers" like l'Academie Francaise...)


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