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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Reggaeton Fi Tanja

(This is my official Last Tangier Posting. I typed it up before packing my computer into my suitcase. Then I didn't get to publish it before I flew out, because they have cancelled consigned bags at Casa Voyageurs train station. Among the most annoying and underrated results of transportation-focused terrorism is the unannounced cancellation of luggage consignment and lockers. I ended up going directly to the Muhammad V airport and killing 10 hours there... In any case, on with the blog post!)

I blogged recently about reggaeton, the Puerto Rican style that mixes reggae-dancehall, rap, and “Latin” sounds. I thought I was hearing it in the Tangier streets and in cars going by, but since I don’t speak Spanish I really couldn’t tell. I just listened to the samples on wayne&wax and thought I recognized the sound...

But on my last night in Tangier I found a great CD stand with almost everything I had been looking for. Along with CDs from Muslim and Zanka Flow, I also found:

Koupable, the latest from hotshot Algerian rapper Lotfi Double Kanon. (This is really great—probably the best yet I’ve heard for rapping in Arabic. If you understand Arabic, try to find and get a listen to the first track alone, “Intro.” It will blow your mind.);

The Kachla compilation CD (with contributions from DJ Suspect, Kachla, O-din, La-N, Islamic Gun, Arab Souljaz, La’arbee, Mojahid, Harbee, Zanka Flow, and Muslim);

’s latest, Mgharba ‘Tal Moute, and...

Reggaeton Beats Vol. 2! There were a couple of reggaeton compilation/remix discs—I chose the one that identified the musicians. Here’s a list of featured DJs and artists:

DJ Glenn B
MC Brainwave
R. Kelly
Luny Tunes
Papa A.P.
The Horny Crew
Pablo Bachatta
Raw Jawz
Andy’s Val
DJ Frank
Raw Jawz
Mega D
Misterio Y Hancel
Reezz & the GMC

DJ Glenn B seems to be the major force behind this compilation. The titles to the last three songs include the phrases “Wat Wil Je Doen Dan,” “In Het Gebouw—Bling Bling—Draai’t,” and “Groeten Uit Purmerend”... These words do not appear to be in Spanish. I am led to suspect that DJ Glenn B is based somewhere in Belgium or the Netherlands, and further that both of these Benelux countries are on the route that Reggaeton is following on its way to Morocco...


At 11:36 AM, Blogger wayne&wax said...

fascinating. yeah, looks like a dutch mediation of reggaeton, and that's a rather strange collection of artists to group under the banner. i wonder to what extent it's bound up with the whole "bubblin" phenomenon. do you have any idea why reggaeton would come to tangier via the netherlands?

and i should point out that the calle 13 examples to which you link (via my ol' blogspot) are not necessarily representative of reggaeton, though they do often have a number of the genre's musical signposts.

ps -- thanks for the link. i'll add you to my blogroll, esp if you promise to keep covering this sort of thing. what's your "related discipline" btw?

At 1:22 PM, Blogger John Schaefer said...

Thanks for dropping by! I can't promise anything, but I'll probably keep coming back to this sort of thing regularly through my dissertation at least... Prolly be posting lyrics and short analysis of songs as I get them done.

The "related field" is technically folklore and public culture, via anthropology as a disciplinary home, but more comfortable in practice in some sort of Birmingham school inspired methods.

There are hundreds of thousands of Moroccans in the Netherlands. Ten percent of the population of Brussels--300,000 out of 3 million total--are Moroccans.


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